We will be following MLH's Code of Conduct and Rules.


HackDavis may also add additional rules and guidelines for the event, which will be listed below. These are subject to change.


1. All work done on a submitted project must be completed during the hackathon time limits. Small bugfixes and changes are allowed after time ends before judging. Time limits are 9am PT on Jan 16 to 6pm PT on Jan 17. This means you cannot use work done at LHD: Build (if you are participating).

2. Projects submitted must only be submitted to HackDavis and no other hackathons. Submitting the same project to multiple hackathons in the same weekend is a violation of fairness.


HackDavis reserves the right to revoke your win or win status if there is evidence of cheating or unfair advantages.

You can select up to 5 prize categories to be eligible for. Everyone's hack will be included in the "Best Hack for Social Good" category in addition to these prize categories.